About us
About us


One of the most influential stone manufacturers and suppliers in china

Strong occupation of domestic and foreign markets,High brand awareness,Turnover has been rising in recent three years.

Technology of long history, fine exploration, new Yunfu Lianyi Stone Co., adhering to the Yunfu City Southern Stone Co., 20 years of stone processing history, was founded in 2008 December. Professional custom project board, parquet, special-shaped stone line, column, the Rome column and crafts such as stone products; to undertake the construction of large villas, Stars Hotel, the world villa and square stone supply projects; have soon saw, automatic grinding, cutting machine and cutting machine, small stone processing equipment, the entire production process from raw material to finished product packaging from, one of the largest stone processing companies are integrated.

Perfect Stone Industrial Layout

Perfect Stone Industrial Layout

Engaged in the development of resources and mines in more than 30 high-end stone quarries directly or indirectly and based on the ten large production and process service bases in China, we set up a perfect industrial layout.

High-end Stone Processing Equipment

High-end Stone Processing Equipment

We have introduced the advanced processing equipment from Italy to enhance our production capacity. We can complete every procedure in stone production and processing both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Professional Production Technical Team

Professional Production Technical Team

We boast a professional production technical team and twenty-year’s exquisite technical experience. We also have preserved and fostered a panel of senior stone designers in multiple tiers. 

Standardized Construction and Installation Team

Standardized Construction and Installation Team

We offer all-dimension systematic service to our customers. Our construction and installation team has engaged in the construction of several foreign and domestic landmark buildings, which earned wide reorganization and great reputation from the industry. 

Our service

Import & export trade

Provide import and export service for decorative stone

processing & production

Chinese leading supplier of integrated stone production.

stone supply

We supply a variety of decorative stones,Service at home and abroad

construction & installation

Providing a full and systematic service experience for customers



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